2020/3/21 ROOTS NEW ROUTE TOUR at Shimokitazawa SHELTER ライブ映像がプレミア配信&公開します!

メイプルカナダ / The Wisely Brothers - ROOTS NEW ROUTE TOUR Live in Tokyo

2020/09/05 20:00よりプレミア公開します!


2020.03.21 ROOTS NEW ROUTE TOUR at Shimokitazawa SHELTER 

Jurassic Boys, uri gagarn, The Wisely Brothers  



藤咲 千明 / Chiaki Fujisaki (Camera / Director) 

源イチ / Ichi Minamoto (Camera) 

春 / HARU (Camera) 

鈴木 龍斗 / Ryuto Suzuki (Recording & Mix Engineer) 

向 啓介/ Keisuke Mukai (Recording & Mix Director / Mastering Engineer)  



You can get this ver. Digital Live Performance Compilation,  

"ROOTS NEW ROUTE Live in Tokyo" Sound Only : 



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